Ultra-thin Light Box Traditional T4 Light Source Has Been Replaced By Led Light Source

The first generation: T4 / T5 light source, the second generation: led straw hat light: the third generation: led veneer light source, the fourth generation of the most front-end technology, red top technology led lens uniform light system.

The earliest time, T4 / T5 fluorescent light is the mainstream of ultra-thin light box applications. His advantage is reflected in the low cost of materials, easy assembly. But a few years down, you will find that fluorescent lamps in practical applications, relatively easy to bad, and is fragile, is not conducive to long-distance transport, light source ray distance is not high, the width of more than 60cm light box, the middle illumination gap. Obviously, the fluorescent light source, already out of the edge.

Then, part of the ultra-thin light led manufacturers, led light-emitting diodes, led light led, applied to the ultra-thin light box. Although the light-emitting diode linear distance is relatively long, in the same size of the ultra-thin light box, is the center of the ultra-thin light box is much higher than the brightness of the fluorescent lamp, but inevitably, light-emitting diode light failure disease, Also ended the era of ultra-thin light boxes of straw hat lights.