Ultra-thin Light Box Production Process

In the ultra-thin light box production, first of all to be clear, in order to ensure the firmness, led ultra-thin light box size can not be too large, and it is best not to drill in the acrylic plate after the screw fixed, but should use special adhesive bonding Or the plate embedded in the box in the form of fixed, in addition to note that the side of the light box should have a cooling hole.

The second is the lighting, to make the ultra-thin light box to obtain a good visual effect, we must carefully consider the relevant lighting configuration. As the color of the acrylic board is rich and colorful, a wide range of lighting equipment, in order to develop a simple rule to ensure that each of the different light box signs have the best visual impact, it seems unlikely, but for most forms of signs Said that the lighting to be used is foreseeable. Each of the unique signs, logos, and light boxes require pre-made samples to ensure optimum lighting.

The third is the light box brightness, brightness is from the point of view of the bolt, the surface of a point at the bright level. In different optical concepts, the brightness is the most important design of the luminous logo-related factors.