The Process Of Flat Luminous Characters

The luminous character of the flat luminous word is relatively good. For example, in the outdoor advertising, the flat luminous characters can last for many years without discoloration and dazzling. In contrast to other words such as copper words, the surface of the flat light is relatively bright, giving a glittering feeling, so if you prefer the bright ad word, the flat luminous word is a good choice. Plane luminous characters as a practical advertising word, in the outdoor advertising production, advertising display production are very popular with users.

Plane Illumination Word Making Method: Laser Cutting Literal. Cut into basic glyphs, the use of laser cutting cut, with the following advantages: shape accurate, do not take shape, cutting lines more smooth, more beautiful, more natural transition. Cut edge, according to the thickness of the word cut edge thickness. Saw angle, glyph position measurement, positioning accuracy, sawing in place, this is a key step, but also determine the quality of the word an important step, especially for thick edge material or corner of the more strokes, essential To ensure that the edge of the material welding in place and font does not take shape. Tin or argon welding edge. According to the actual situation using tin or argon welding. High-quality soldering to ensure that the tin joints at the beginning of the small tin no tin or tin small melting beads to ensure that the subsequent installation of the panel flat (to ensure that no light); argon welding to ensure that no burns, burning through the edge of the mirror material Polished, polished Further processing of the welding, so that the welding line is more smooth, beautiful; non-welding at the same time also polished, so as not to affect the overall finish.