The Features Of Electronic Readers

A book more use: an e-book reader can load a lot of this electronic version of the book. Most products can be expanded SD card / CF card and other large-capacity storage, can be used as a small mobile library. Some products can also be used as a notebook, folder.

Energy-saving environmental protection: e-book reader with the electrode province, do not use traditional paper, due to the use of advanced display technology, can help people buy paper books less, reduce felling trees, thus protecting the environment.

Protection of vision: the new e-book reader display principle and the current computer and mobile phone is different from the initiative to light, but with traditional paper as the reflection of natural light or light, so no radiation, no glare, no damage to vision.

Mass storage: Most of the current e-reader can expand the external memory card, you can store up to 8G, 16G digital books, with an e-book reader, quite a small library.