Advertising machine common problem solving

1, the machine is black, no light no sound, the indicator does not light

Check whether the 220V voltage is normal The connection between the power cord and the external power cord is correct, make sure the machine is energized;

The machine's power indicator does not light to indicate that the machine is not powered on.

2, the machine plays the file, the black screen no light no word display, a sound

The situation may be high-voltage cable is not connected in place, or high pressure problems, can not confirm the case, please replace a new high voltage to test to judge;

Eliminate the problem of high pressure Finally, you can confirm the LCD screen is a problem, and to repair the LCD screen.

3. After the boot screen shows black, the top left of the "RGB" words flash, and then the middle of the "NO SIGNAL" image, while the screen after the top of nothing, with the same state when the shutdown, then You can make the following judgments:

A, if the machine is energized, hear "pan" sound, that drive board and decoder board for connecting between the 8pin line is not connected in place;

B, if the machine is powered, did not hear the "pan" sound, that may be a situation or the decoder board power off (see the decoder board is not a red light, if not bright on the right side of the decoder board A black switch to the opposite position can be), if the exclusion of the above situation, the board lights are not bright, then it can be sure that the decoder board is not powered, check the board a 2pin line is not inserted in place.

4, there is no sound after the boot

Check whether the volume setting is minimized;

Whether the mute switch is on;

Whether the amplifier is connected to the decoder board, and then check whether the power amplifier has been powered.